CARE Ambulance employs Emergency Medical Technicians, Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and Dispatchers. The selection process to bring employees into the organization is focused on recruiting individuals who are "service oriented". The company believes that the most important asset that any organization has is its employees. Care Ambulance invests heavily in the initial and ongoing training of all employees. Employee retention is a high priority and this is accomplished by treating employees as valued partners in caring.  To apply online, click here.

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View the EMT Recruitment Presentation to learn about employment with CARE Ambulance. For further information, download the presentation here or call Human Resources at (714) 288-3966.

EMT Frequently Asked Questions

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Ride-A-Longs must be currently enrolled in a CARE Ambulance affiliated EMT course. Dignitaries can also call to arrange a ride-a-long. For assistance, call Lori at (714) 288-3800.


Care Ambulance Service is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. It is Care's policy to provide equal opportunity to all qualified applicants for employment, and not to discriminate on any basis of age, citizenship, color, disability, genetic information, military or veteran status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or any class protected by State law.


CARE Ambulance Service believes that in order for it to be successful, its employees must be successful. As part of that belief, CARE Ambulance Service places an emphasis on good physical and mental health of our employees.

To this end, CARE Ambulance Service has committed to maintaining a drug free workplace. As part of maintaining a drug free workplace, every individual offered employment with CARE Ambulance is required to successfully pass a pre-employment drug screen and physical examination prior to the beginning of employment.


The treatment and transport of patients in the hospital and out of hospital environment poses serious physical demands on workers in the ambulance industry. Unassisted two person crews regularly are required to lift and carry incapacitated adults weighing more than 200 pounds, using an 80 pound gurney. Routine obstacles such as curbs, stairs and narrow hallways can prevent the gurney from being rolled, thus requiring the ambulance crew to lift the entire weight of the patient and equipment. Furthermore, normal body weight distribution means that the worker at the patient's head often carries 55-60% of the combined patient/equipment weight.

To reduce the risk of injuries to its employees and patients, CARE Ambulance Service has designed a post-offer physical performance test. This test is directly derived from EMT job functions that EMTs must perform when lifting and moving a 200 pound patient. This test, using specialized equipment is administered under the direct supervision of a Licensed Physical Therapist and is an accurate simulation of the flexibility, strength and endurance required to work on an ambulance.